KANG CHYAU: Reaching Outstanding and Efficient Solutions on a Changing Market

2021-09-08 Author : KANG CHYAU INDUSTRY CO., LTD.

This past year, 2020, many players from the Plastic and Rubber Industry experienced distresses on two major points, such as how strong the pandemic was going to affect the economic situation and how long it was going to take for its stabilization. In the current year, we continued analysing thoroughly how the industry has been gradually healing and how Taiwanese Manufacturers have been innovating on performance and assistance to bring the best to their customers in these hard times.

KANG CHYAU Company is one of these Taiwanese Manufacturers who are specialized on Blown Film Machine providing high quality customizations and solutions to their customers for more than 3 decades. In a smooth and stable way of success, KANG CHYAU’s brand reputation has stood out in over 60 countries all around the globe by engaging themselves to stay close to the various needs and demands from customers. 

Through the ongoing pandemic, KANG CHYAU has found its way to develop new ideas to improve customer service remotely by the usage of videos and machine design customization to facilitate the installation machinery process to their customers. Relatively speaking, through digital platforms KANG CHYAU holds a major key that enables them to have outstanding performance in terms of technological innovations and after-sales service. 

Lately, there’s been a lot of articles and news about the optimal replacement for raw materials through recycled or biodegradable materials resulting in less harmful to the environment. Also, due to the increase of plastic bans around the world many companies throughout the industry have been forced to find solutions to customize the machinery lines to process these new raw materials from a range of 50% up to 100%. As for KANG CHYAU, they have been on the verge of the recent trends in the industry and optimizations needed in their machinery to provide new solutions to customer’s demand. 

Moreover, achieving to be at the front line of “Industry 4.0”, has been also one of the biggest trends for every company who strives to reach automation and data exchange for the manufacturing processes. This relates to what KANG CHYAU has been working effortly on by updating their machinery line’s control system to be fully controlled through computers. In that way, they have the advantage of offering a reduction of manpower for their customers. 

For anyone who wants to know more about KANG CHYAU’s background and machinery, there are different channels in which they are visible to everyone through their Youtube Channel, Facebook and PRM-TAIWAN platform

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KANG CHYAU INDUSTRY CO., LTD. provides expert plastic bag technology services to the world’s soft packaging market. Since its founding in 1988, the company has upheld its research and development concept of “staying close to the needs and demands while improving manufacture process” to continue the improvement and production of high quality blown film machines as well as whole plant plastic bag machinery and equipment, which ultimately allows us to meet the customized demands of clients in terms of being energy-saving, high output, low noise output, maintain work safety and other aspects.
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