In Mold Label (IML Label)

Oil Container, Beverage Cup, Food Container, Medicine Container, CD Barrel, Washbowl, Plastic Bottle and all IML label, in mold label related materials.

In-Mold label (IML) is widely used in food container because the ink is between two layers of film and normally produce in dust-free fab or air conditioning clean room to minimize the human touch. Using IML can do the injection and labeling the product at the time. So it is suitable for mass production and standardization.

The color is kept bright and not easy to fade.

The advantage of In-Mold Label:
Rapid production and not afraid of stacking friction
The design and product can be integrated into one product, design is hard to fall off, also can be recycled and reused as one product.
Vivid color of design can enhance the value of the product.

What kind of material can use In-Mold Label?
Plastic product (PP, PE)

Production Process:
Engraving Cylinder→ Printing→ Laminate Finish→ Slitting→ Die Cutting→ Packing→ Delivery

Xiang-In is a experienced precision machinery in Taiwan, mainly producing in mold label and heat transfer film. We are a in mold Label manufacturer with more than 20 years of experience, providing you with the most reasonable price and affordable customed in mold label printing service.

Professional in mold label printing supplier / company
Regarding our manufacturing in in mould printing, Xiang-In have accumulated many years of customized experience, especially in the markets of Pakistan, India, the United States, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, etc., and have accumulated many customers who trust each other. We are confident to provide you with customized in mould printing services of excellent quality and meeting all your needs.

In mould printing at a reasonable price
Over the past 20 years, Xiang-In has maintained the world-famous Taiwan precision manufacturing quality. At reasonable and affordable prices, we have provided customers in Pakistan, India, Southeast Asia, Japan, South Korea, and the United States with special customized in mould label printing services. Five major categories of in mold labeling, such as Plastic Party Tableware, Food Container Lid, Paint Bucket, Food Container and Plastic Tableware, all are the main service item we supply.

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