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1. Vacuum system:
1-1. Utilizes upward pull motion for hydraulic cylinder in the vacuum hood, which supports to provide stability and prevent oil leakage.
1-2. Using MIT vacuum pump with high vacuity and low noise. Imported ball valves are used to offer high flow rate and fast vacuum extraction.
2. In / out-molds:
Designed with special Mold Frame devices, it is easy and convenient to setting and operate.
3. Front ejector:
Using double-layer oil-less bearings, protected with a dust seal.
4. Monitoring design:
Overall monitoring on machine actions, pressure and flow rate, and warning messages and records.
5. Hydraulic circuit design:
Proportional Pressure and flow ratio system is designed for easily changing the pressure and speed setting.
6. Electrical control system:
6-1. Precise temperature controlled is using PID calculations, temperature can be adjusted by the man-machine interface.
6-2. The module saving function includes temperature, pressure/ flow rate, time and function settings.
6-3. Heating system: using SSR solid relay with fast heat-up without exceeding the limit.
6-4. Mold calibration: slow mode calibration function is provided. To calibrate the mold, simply press up/down key to complete the mold position setting.
TRPE-機型 100 TON 150 TON 200TON 250 TON 300 TON 500 TON
Stroke (mm) 250mm 250mm 250mm 250 mm 250 mm 300mm
Upper heater Plate (mm) 400*400 440*440 510*510 600*600 600*600 850*850
Lower heater Plater (mm) 445*450 500*500 540*560 650*600 650*650 850*850
Mold in-out plate (mm) 445*500 550*560 540*570 650*650 650*680 855*880
Piston diameter (mm) 250mm 300mm 350mm 400mm 450mm 560mm
Electrical heater (KW) 22KW 34KW 34KW 34KW
Motor (HP) 15HP(11) 15HP(11) 15HP(11) 15HP(11) 10HP*2(15) 10HP*2(15)
-single -single -single -single -twin -twin
Total power (KW) 40KW 48KW 52KW 52KW
Mold opening Metho 0RT: up/down              3RT: middle mold
1RT: in/out                  4RT:Top mol
2RT: front ejector