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Instant monitoring 
- Instant monitoring of machine production status 
- Instant Mold state monitoring 
- Instant monitoring of workshop production status 

Device Management
- Electronic management of machinery information 
- Electronic management of mold information
- Statistical analysis of machine status and exception information 
- Machine OEE calculation 
- Mold uses information statistical analysis 

Molding Process Management
- Unified management of standard equipment molding parameters 
- The upper and lower limit setting of device molding parameters 
- Production molding parameter records and parameter inspection

staff management
- E- management of production personnel
- limit the accessibility of personnel who operate the equipment
- The personnel records modify the parameters and statistical information
- Statistic data of staffs from different shifts

Production management
- Assigning electronically production plans
- Production schedule follow-up
- Automatic statistical reports of various types of production
- Statistical analysis of the production process

Product Advantages

Real-time monitoring capabilities can complete record machine production and personnel operating conditions. automated management workshop can be practiced. Recording not only machine operation state but also the production status and the non-productive status. makes managers understand the reasons why the machine is not in production, in order to develop appropriate management practices, enforce workshop management, and improve production efficiency and the effective use of the machine rate.
In addition to the normal product records, defect management functions allow users to choose the defective reason and number in the HMI defective screen when detect products are found, so that HMI will automatically send defective data to iNet. Through the defective management function, the operation of machines can be reviewed and corrected to increase the excellent product rate and production efficiency.
iNet is tailored specifically for managers as a "process management" tool, breaking the old management model and leading managers to enter the E management era.
Changes on the workshop management model allow managers to promptly and accurately understand the situation of on-site production and overall plan, to achieve networked production scheduling, device status, and automatically collect usage information. Standardized management of molding parameters greatly reduces production costs and improves productivity.

Product Features

1.Rapid and stable
- TPC/IP protocol
- Plug-component system

2.Efficient management
- Equipment, personnel management to achieve electronic technology
- E-management of Production task
- Automatically generating various reports, highly accurate and efficient.

3.Rich content
- Device Management
- Molding Process Management
- Personnel, production management

4.Unlimited freedom
- Arbitrarily setting of system interfaces and languages
- System functions based on user definition
- Completely monitoring remote Internet

5.Safe and reliable
- Operators are able to limit the management for password
- Right management of system users
- Instant message to avoid erroneous operation

6.Instant synchronization
- Refresh synchronization of device state
- Refresh synchronization of production information
- Refresh synchronization of staff state