Single Side by Turn Bar and Outside Lamination Machine

Classification : PP/HDPE Woven Bag Making Equipment


Country: Taiwan
Phone: 886-5-2215139 /886-5-2215149
Fax: 886-5-2219259
Contact Person: Ms. Lee
The lamination machine are used for coating of thin layer of Polyolefin (mainly LDPE/PP) on substrates like woven fabric, BOPP film, paper, jumbo bag (FIBC) etc, which is for moisture-proof, dust-proof, and structurally strong enough.
  • Adopts “Turn Bar” to make double side lamination in one time with one extruder.
  • Adopting SCR control for power saving and precise PID temperature controller.
  • Machine is synchronously controlled by PLC program and easy to operate through HMI for receipt setting, temperature control, length counting, alarm record.
  • The brake system for unwinder is clip type pneumatic brake that keeps machine working long-lasting.
  • With Pre-Heating Roller and heating pipe to treat the material to get the good sticking effect. 
  • Mirror Finished Chill Roller (Optional) gives the shiny appearance on the bag to provide the smooth basis prior to printing.
  • Printing Mark Tracking System (Optional) of the printed BOPP on both sides by means of precise tension controller, color mark sensor and software.

FD-LA 90/1650 (ST-B)
FD-LA 100/1850 (ST-B)
FD-LA 100/2000 (ST-B)
T-Die Length 1650 mm 1850 mm 2000 mm
Screw Diameter 90 mm 100 mm 100 mm
Width of Product 500~1400MM (Single Side), 400~650 MM (Double Side by Turn Bar) 700~1600MM (Single Side), 400~750 MM (Double Side by Turn Bar) 900~1800MM (Single Side), 400~850MM (Double Side by Turn Bar)
Extrusion Capacity Max. 150 kgs/hr Max. 200 kgs/hr Max. 200 kgs/hr
Machine Speed 40-90M/MIN (Single Side), 30~70M/MIN (Double Side by Turn Bar) 40~80M/MIN (Single Side), 30~60M/MIN (Double Side by Turn Bar) 40~90 M/MIN (Single Side), 30~60 M/MIN (Double Side by Turn Bar)
  • Auto Loader: 1 Set
  • Air Compressor (1 HP): 1 Set (For FD-LA90/1650(ST-B) & FD-LA100/1850(ST-B)
  • Air Compressor (3 HP): 1 Set (For FD-LA100/2000(ST-B)
  • Crusher for Edge Yarn + Cyclone Separator
  • Edge Yarn Collection Winder: 1 Set
  • Mixer: 1 Set
  • Cooling Tower: 1 Set
  • Turn Bar
  • Water Chiller
  • 3”/4” Air Shaft for Unwinder
  • BOPP Unwinder
  • Auto. Tension Controller for BOPP
  • Corona Treater
  • Mirror Surface Roller
  • Silicone Roller
  • Mirco-Perforation Device
  • Auto. Cutting Device for Winder
  • Single Rail Crane
  • Second Unwinder
  • Dozer with Auto. Loader
  • Hopper Dryer
  • Smoke Exhausting Device