Auto Batch Vacuum Foaming System SA-1BVF

Classification : Batch Foaming Machine


Country: Taiwan
Phone: 886-2-23956686
Fax: 886-2-23217266
Contact Person: Ken Hwang
The SA-1BVF can be used with an existing auto batch foaming machine or with SUNKIST's own SA-1B, SA-1BS, SA-1BM and SA-1HA. After the mixture is loaded into mold box, the mold box is moved into this chamber via a carriage. After the mold box us placed inside the curing chamber, the door of the chamber automatically closes and shut tightly. An operator can then adjust the pressure inside the chamber with the control panel. The quality and physical properties of the foam that is formed will be affected when the pressure is changed, ie. the volume of the foam size will increase, foam tensile strength will also increase dramatically, and the hardness of the foam will change. This machine is environmental friendly, reduce the amount of chemicals used and reduce the fire risk.
Can produce retangular or round block and be able to make very low density foam block (less than 10kgs/m3) without using Methylene Chloride.
Accumulator Tank Appx. 14 m³
Power require 19.5 kW
Chamber Inner Size 2.36 x 2.12 x 2.74 m
Max. rectangular mold size can be fit into the chamber L 2.2m x W 2m x H 2.4m (mold tank is not included in the machine)
Max. round mold size can be fit into the chamber H 2.4 x dia.2m (mold tank is not included in the machine)
Density Range Without Blowing Agent 10 - 80 kg / m³
Can change pressure system and produce higher hardness foam block without using co-polymer
The Following Mold Size Are Available Upon Request (mold tank is not included in the SA-1BVF offer, mold tank need to be ordered separately)
Rectangular Mold:Max. L 2.2 m x W 2.0 m x H 2.4 m (per customer request)
Cylinder Mold:Max. H 2.4 m x dia. 2.0 m (per customer request)
Vacuum Tank with Flat Top Press Lip to make the top of rectangular or round foam block more flat.