Classification : Dynisco / Controller
Country: Taiwan
Phone: 886-4-2631-3001
Fax: 886-4-2631-7717
Contact Person: Harrison Chang
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■ Auto-tuning control in a discrete 1/4 DN package

■ Graphical/text LCD Display with color change LED backlight on alarm (red/green)

■ Graphical trend view of process alarms & events as standard

■ Easy to use Setup Wizard

■ Single loop control

■ USB port option logs process values, set points and alarms to .csv file for use with spreadsheets

■ Modbus RS-485 and Modbus TCP Ethernet supported

■ BlueControl configuration and commissioning software option

Instrument Type: Digital, panel-mount PID closed loop controller
Display: 160 x 80 Monochromatic Graphical LCD with backlight
Thermocouple: ±0.1% of full range, ±1LSD, (±1°C for internal CJC if enabled)
DC Linear: ±0.1% of full range, ±1LSD
Sampling Time: 50mS, typical
Input: Strain gauge, Thermocouple or linear (Vdc, mA)
Strain Gauge: 350 to 5000Ω, 1.4 to 4mV/V, excitation 10V ±7%
Linear Input: 0 to 5Vdc and 0 to 10Vdc,
0 to 20mA and 4 to 20mA
Input Signal: -25 to 125% full scale (approximately -10mV to +50mV)
Input Impedance: <10Ω for linear current input
>165kΩ for linear voltage input
Shunt Calibration: With or without resistor (40 to 100%)
Digital: 4 programmable voltage-free contact closure
Alarm Type: SPST 2A max @ 240Vac resistive load Dual relays have shared common
Alarm Number: 3 standard
Alarm Update Time: 100mS, typical
Type (Retransmission): 0-5Vdc and 0-10Vdc, 0-20mA and 4-20mA
Type (Control): 0-5Vdc and0-10Vdc (2% under/over drive) 0-20mA and 4-20mA
Resolution: 15 3/4 bit
Accuracy: ±0.1% of output span (mA @ <500Ω, V @ >500Ω)
Type: Adaptive auto-tuning algorithm
Type: Isolated RS-485
Protocol: Modbus RTU