Precise Hydraulic Power System

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● Perfect current vector control----Independently control magnetic/torque current as separate by synchronized control of primary current and the phase, this successfully achieves smooth operation at very low speed and speed/torque control in high torque and high precision.
● Various control function----Slip compensation, speed searching, over/low torque detection and energy-saving operation control functions.
● Outstanding torque characteristics----150%0.5Hz high torque characteristic is achieved even without PG.
● Powerful brake function----External brake unit is an option for 220V 30KW or 380V 55KW above, it ensures powerful brake function.
● High efficiency energy-saving control----Incredible energy efficiency features, almost the theoretical maximum energy-saving effect.
● Low noise operation----Significantly suppress noise with high carrier frequency SPWM modulation, ideal for noise limited occasions.
● Advanced higher power harmonic suppression strategy----All series above 55kw is built-in power factor improvement DC reactor, as for models below 55kw, we reserve terminal block for DC reactor which can suppress the higher harmonic by power.