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The peeling machine is designed to peel square or round flexible foam blocks into long sheet rolls. The separate winding up equipment synchronized with the speed of peeling action, equipped with relaxing roller to ensure the foils are wound up smoothly and with equal tension. The cutting thickness is set by using appropriate combination of gears and the ball screw is to assure uniform layer thickness and easy drive. The cutting speed can be set on a swivel mounted control panel. SA-5AF includes a precise ball screw rod for rising & descending, a large knife driven wheel, a thick & precise blade guide that matches the knife auto feeding unit. As the knife is worn out, the knife auto feeding unit is able to push the knife in automatically and fix the knife edge at the same position. Two sets of grinding stone units, which grinds the knife to keep it sharp, are specially designed: as the knife stops cutting, the grinding stones retract automatically to protect the knife edge from wearing out.


1. Increase cutting dia. meter to : 183 cm or 200 or 221 cm.
2. Increase cutting width to : 2400 mm or 2700 mm.
3. Grind dust extraction : by a cleaning filter sucking unit with motor.
4. Cutting thickness set by servo digtal control :
This machine is able to change the cutting thickness on the control box which saves time & material, and will not affect the cutting accuracy due to wearing out of the thickness gear.

Cutting Width 218 cm
Cutting Dia. Meter 152 cm
Cutting Thickness 1 - 30 mm
Cutting Speed Adjustable 0 - 85 m / min
Cutting Blade Width 90 mm
Power Require 7.125 kW
Floor Space Approx. L 4870 x W 2725 x H 2560 mm