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Excellent heat resistance, and ability to make product sparkling and shiny.


PC / ABS blends possess excellent mechanical strength and heat resistance, and makes the product sparkling and shiny to become value-added. The production is completely controlled by computer automated process, and adopted twin screw reactive extruder to manufacture high performance plastic material. Through precise inspecting, testing and automatic mechanical packaging, it provides excellent appearance and storage quality of finished products GRECO, PC-ABS Series are applied to EU chemicals policy (REACH regulation).

Fire Resistant/Good Impact/Dimensional Stability

PROPERTIES Test Method Test Condition Unit Value
IZOD Impact Strength
Method A
23℃   kg-cm/cm   50
Melt Flow Index D1238 250℃/5Kg g/10mins 20
Tensile Strength D638 23℃
kg/cm2 580
Flexural Moulus D790 23℃
kg/cm2 23,800
Heat Distortion Temp. D648 18.6Kg/cm2 93
Vicat Soften Point D1525   110
Shrinkage D955   0.4~0.5
Specific Gravity D792 23℃   1.18
Flammability UL-94 1/8¡ sample   V-0

The above values are shown as typical values and should not be used as specifications.