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Low pressure molding is a new injection molding process in recent years.

Low pressure molding production is a process uses hot liquidify Polyamide material.

Our research team make their efforts on the designing of low-pressure machine, King's Solution Corp. recently have 5 new patents (i.e.  Taiwan patents no. M496549, M525837 and M530471), (China patents no. ZL201420646124.2 and no. ZL201420647977.8).

Our LPM Low Pressure Molding Machine, CE marking certified, with its very low injection pressure 20~500psi (1.5~35 BAR) into the mold cavity and electronic parts to be encapsulated. Hot-melt Polyamide starts cooling down when it touches the cavity, then apply continuous injection pressure. The over-molding process will not harm any fragile solder joint of the circuit board (PCB Overmolding). At first, it's uses to replace toxic and bulky conventional potting processes, gradually spread to the world in market such as automotive market, medical, military, domestic appliance market.

Low pressure molding leads the way to protect fragile electronics components against moisture, dust-proof, moisture proof, insulation, temperature resistance, flame retardant, vibration reduction, well bonding, waterproof etc. Suitable for electronic components such as micro switches that require waterproof function, automotive electronic sensor.

Best for PCB Overmolding, Waterproof Cable Overmolding, Waterproof Micro Switch.

  • Complete sealing of the components provides water-tight encapsulation.
  • Short cycle time.
  • Offer one axis control for servo motor.
  • Machine driven by compressed air and servo motorized, energy saving, specially for clean room and laboratory.
  • The Pressure adjusting valve control the pressure of injection.
  • Teflon coated melting tank made from Aluminum alloy, heated evenly & rapidly, much easier to clean.
  • Sealing cover, Safety Light curtain, pneumatic door and dual palm safety button for personnel safeguard.
  • Two tie-bar design for molding small parts, operation easily.
  • Nozzle connected to melt tank, injection unit driven by air pressure.
  • Nozzle directly connected to gear pump and no heating pipe, avoid crystallization.
  • TWO PID thermal temperature control zones(Melting tank and nozzle). 
  • Multi-Language PC Base industrial type Linux core system. 
  • 1000 sets of mold settings can be stored and export as backup. 
  • Complete record of history settings & warnings. Built in USB connect. 
  • On-line control and maintenance service. 

MODEL KL-VHS-01-1-09-1
Injection Unit
Injection Type Horizontal injection from parting line
Capacity L 3.5 / 6.5 (Optional)
Injection Capacity ml / r 8.98
Pump Speed r.p.m 0~100
Nozzle Stroke mm 50
Nozzle Contact Force Tf 0.06
Clamping Unit
Clamping System Pneumatic Air Booster
Clamping Force Tf 1 4
Opening Stroke mm 160
Mould Space mm 285
Min Mould Space mm 125
Overall Size of Platens mm 400*150
Space Between Columns mm N / A
Size Of Shuttler Platen mm 850*160 (Optional)
Shuttle Plate Stroke mm 500 (Optional)
Ejector Pneumatic
Ejector Force Tf 0.12
Ejector Stroke mm UP 25
Electrical Equipment & General
Power Source / Voltage V / HZ 1 ø - 220v (60Hz / 50Hz)
Drive Motor kw 0.4
Heater kw 4.8
Temperature Control Zone zone 3
Hydraulic System Pressure kgf / cm2 6
Machine Dimension m 1.65*1.00*1.75
Machine Weight ton 0.8