JS 237APR / JS 2310APR2 PET Heavy Duty Strapping Band Making Machine

Classification : PP/PET Strapping Band Machine
Country: Taiwan
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Get the maximum production from JUMBO STEEL PET Band making Machine. This machine produces band widths of 9.5-19MM. Production speed of up to 120 meters per minute for each line. The JS 237APR is simple to run and requires minimal training. If increasing your PET band production is your goal, come to JUMBO STEEL.
JUMBO STEEL's JS 237APR ,JS 2310APR2 has all the very latest technology for increased productivity in PET strapping band production. This newly designed machine provides faster production and superior product.

Quality Features For Outstanding Performance :

  • Extruding output range: 40 - 100 kgs/hr or 80 - 220 kgs/hr.
  • Band width: 9.5 -19mm.
  • High precision band width +/- 0.5mm.
  • Entire machine employs direct drive for low noise running.
  • Gears are hardened and precision ground for quiet running performance.
  • SACMI screw is nitrogen treated, precision ground, and stress relieved.
  • SACMI barrel is nitrogen treated, precision ground, and stress relieved.
  • #304 stainless steel cooling water tank.
  • Separate adjustment for winding torque and running speed ensures uniformity of band.
  • Stretching unit is all-gear driven with oil bath lubrication for stability, quiet running and long service life.


  • The winding unit is driven by a DC torque motor, featuring torque adjustment.
  • The buzzer sounds when the preset length of band is reached.
  • Changing the gears conveniently changes the winding width.
  • Aluminum winding rollers.
  • Choice of 200 or 400mm core bobbin.


  • The machine uses electric heating to quickly achieve high temperature.
  • The four stretching rollers are individually driven, and heated for efficient stretching.
  • Stretching speed is controlled by a frequency inverter for maximum stability.


  • The embossing rollers are manufactured from SKD11 material,
    vacuum heat treated for superior hardness and maximum wear resistance.
  • Embossing depth is pneumatically adjusted with indication reader for accurate reading.
  • Separate motor drive.

The temperature for the barrel, screw, and die are separately displayed
on the main control panel.
Temperature can be preset.

JS 2310APR2
Hydraulic screen change.

JS 2310APR2

  • 2 layer straightening operation extends heating time,
    ensuring the stability of bands and superior tensile strength.
  • Hot air circulation provides for a more efficient heating solution.
  • Equipped with a water cooling tank for upgrading cooling and stiffening performance.

Outstanding dehumidifying performance ensures constant band quality.

  • The dehumidifying dryer lowers the moisture content below 0.2%
    to achieve the utmost performance from production materials.
  • The dryer prevents such problems as cracking, streaking, bubbles,
    flow marks, poor transparency, etc., which are all caused by incompletely dry resin.


  • Water chiller
  • Tensile Tester



Drying System

Drying System

Tensile Tester CY-6516

Tensile Tester

Micro-Computer Tensile Tester CY-6040AB

Micro-Computer Tensile Tester

Feature Material   PET (IV 0.8 and up) PET(IV 0.8 and up)
Quantity of Line   1 2
Layflat Width mm 9.5 / 13 / 16 / 19 9.5 / 13 / 16 / 19
Extruding Output Range kg/hr 40 - 100 80 - 220
Extruder Screw   Ø75 Ø100
Screw L/D   27 : 1 27 : 1
Driving Motor hp AC 50 HP + Inverter AC 75 HP + Inverter
Heater Capacity kw 67 101
Auto Temperature Controller sets 6 10
Quenching Equipment Stainless Steel Quenching Bath set 1 1
Water Removal Device Water Removal Air Blower hp 2 HP x 1 set 2 HP x 2 set
Pre-heat Unit Take Up Roller mm Ø213 x 1pc Ø213 x 3pc
Motor hp 1 HP (Inverter) x 1 set 2 HP (Inverter) x 1 set
Roll Dimension, Stainless Steel mm Ø510 x 4 pcs Ø510 x 4 pcs
Driving Motor hp 3 HP (Inverter) x 1set 3 HP (Inverter) x 1set
Speed Range m/min 12 x 24 12 x 24
Temperature Controller sets 4 4
Stretching Unit No. 1 Heating Controller set 1 1
Temperature Controller set 1 1
No. of Roll pc 5 7
Driving Motor hp 10 HP (Inverter) 20 HP (Inverter)
Speed Range m/min 50 - 120 50 - 120
Disco set 1 (with cooling system) 1 (with cooling system)
Stretching Unit No. 2 Heating Controller set 1 1
Temperature Controller set 1 1
Roll Dimensions (Stainless Steel) mm Ø213 Ø213
NO. of Roll pc 5 7
Speed Range m/min 50 - 120 50 - 120
Air Compressor hp 1 HP x 1 set 1 HP x 1 set
Embossing Unit Embossing Roller set 1 (Pneumatic type) 1 (Pneumatic type)
Motor hp DC torque 3 hp DC torque 3 hp x 2
Thermo Setting Unit Heating Oven set 1 1
Temperature Controller set 1 1
Stainless Quenching Batch set 1 1
Water Removal Air Blower set 2 HP x 1 2 HP x 2
Take Up Unit Motor hp DC Torque 3 hp x 1 DC Torque 3 hp x 2
Roll Dimension mm 213 x 1 pc 213 x 2 pc
Winding Unit No. of Spindle pc 2 4
Motor hp DC Torque 1 HP x 2 DC Torque 1HP x 4
Winding Width Range mm 152, 200 152, 200
Core Bobbin mm Ø200, Ø400 Ø200, Ø400
Others Total Electricity kw 165 250
Machine Weight ton 14 20
Machine Dimension m 28.8 (L) 35.16 (L)

* All specifications and design characteristics are subject to change without prior notice.