High Speed Plastic Heel Injection Molding Machine

Classification : High Speed Plastic Heel Injection Molding Machine


Country: Taiwan
Phone: 886-3-321-8768
Fax: 886-3-321-8769
Contact Person: Sheila Su
  • Rapid, high-precision direct hydraulic clamping system. Automatic needle loading, multistage ejection setting.
  • Two adjustable nozzles with hot runners, molding 2 heels without runner in one shot.
  • Multi-section injection proportional control.
  • Hydraulic proportional control system with energy saving variable pump.
  • Heels drop automatically cooled by water-cooling tank with conveyor, increase 30% productivity.
Screw Diameter mm 44
Injection Pressure kgf/cm³ 940
Injection Capacity mL / r 227.5
Injection Weight(ABS) oz 8.5
Injection Rate cc/s. 100
Pump Speed r.p.m 0-180
Nozzle Stroke mm 180
Nozzle Contact Force tf 9
Clamping System Hydraulic
Clamping Force tf 35
Opening Stroke mm 220
Mould Space mm 310
Overall Size of Platens mm 600*340
Space Between Columns mm 410
Needle Feeding Pneumatic Automatic
Ejector Hydraulic Hydraulic
Ejector Force tf 2
Ejector Stroke mm 260
Power Source / Voltage V / HZ 1 ø 220/50 3 ø 380/50
Drive Motor kw 10HP*4P
Heater kw 9.24
Temperature Control Zone zone 5
Net Weight kg 2100
Dimension of Machine﹝L*W*H﹞ m 4.5*08*0.25