Classification : Hydraulic Die-Cutting Machine
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Special Feed Mechanism:

Designed for the material having different characteristics to achieve automatic machining for the soft materials.

Well-Designed And Stabilized Bottom Dead-Point Accuracy:

Using patented bottom dead-point mechanism exclusively developed by CHULIING to achieve +/-0.005mm of repeated positioning accuracy.

High-Accuracy/High-Depth Adjusting Mechanism:

Used high-accuracy mechanism to achieve fine-tune accuracy for up to 0.01mm (0.001mm is for optional).

High-Efficiency Boosting Circuit:

Which reduces over 30% of power consumption as compared to conventional circuit.

Multi-Layer Material Flexibility:

To handle over 4 rolls of materials during one machining process to achieve doubled growth of production efficiency.

Unique Tension Transmission Mechanism:

To effectively control the deviation tolerance during material conveying as to alleviate the production yield rate.

Automatic Lubrication Mechanism:

The machine uses automatic lubrication mechanism to easing the burden of daily maintenance.

Waste Recovering Mechanism:

After cutting, the machine will recover the waste automatically to save space while enhancing the operability.

Photoelectric Industry:

Various high-performance photoelectric films.

Manufacturing Industry:

Various soft materials.

Model TRC-350CP
Working Area L x W (mm) 550mm x 650mm
Cutting Efficiency 660mm /16times /per min
Motor (HP) 220V 60Hz 3P
Air Pressure Requirement 0.5Mpa
Weight of Main Unit Approximately 5500kg