Sheet Extruding Machines - HC-100PET

Classification : Sheet Extruding Machines
Country: Taiwan
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The traits of PET include transparency, brightness, strongest strength and tenacity, as well as an environmental material replacement for PVC.
The use for PET is:
- Transparent food containers、Transparent trays.
- Cups, cup's and cake's lids.
- Industrial packing: stereo and toy blister package, 3C communication parts package, anti-static electricity and electron packages.
- Medical packaging: Capsule package.
- Handmade foldaway box: Cosmetic case, chocolate box, and toy box.
Thickness PET:0.3mm ~ 1.5mm
Width PET:600mm~1000mm
Line Speed PET:5 m / min ~ 30 m / min
Capacity PET:150~250kg/hr