Flexographic Printing Machine (Manual feeding type)

Classification : PP Woven Sack Production Line
Country: Taiwan
Phone: +886-2-2599-6080
Fax: +886-2-2599-6098
Contact Person: Mr. C. L. Huang
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Combination of simplicity and user-friendly design, the manual feeding type flexographic printing machine provides excellent price/performance ratio for small and medium scale purpose.
  • Suitable for uncoated and coated woven sack and FIBC
  • Flexographic printing technique from 2 color to 6 color
  • Extra dryer as optional equipment
  • Customization upon request

*Depends on application, and bag specification

Model Number PH-2C - PH-6C PH-J2C - PH-J6C
Application Woven sack FIBC
No. of printing cylinder 2 – 6 color 3 – 6 color
Bag length 600-1250 mm 600-2500 mm
Bag width 400-800 mm 600-2200 mm
Max. printing width 700 mm 1500 mm
Max. printing length 940 mm 1500 mm
Max. production capacity 50 pcs/min 20 pcs/min