Classification : Dry Film Photoresist
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Class 1000 clean room to Guarantee that the Workplace and Manufacturing Process Is Strictly Controlled and Monitored.


The development trend of consumer electronics, automation equipment, smart cars, and IoT products are all moving toward requirements of low power consumption, high reliability, and small, thin, and lightweight design. Tighter requirements have also been imposed on printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing and therefore, various new manufacturing processes of PCB need to be continuously developed, such as ultrafine plating/etching, direct imaging (DI), modified semi-additive process (MSAP), and substrate package design technique. Dry film photoresist is one of the important materials. Our company satisfies the needs of customers for development of new manufacturing processes and, at the same time, enables customers to develop cleaner manufacturing processes with higher yield rates by incorporating these with our exceptional coating technology of dry film photoresist and DuPont’s high-quality product features.

Dry film photo resist is important material for image transfer and manufacture of Printed Circuit Board (PCB) products. Our company establishes white room and highly precise coating equipment. Through the strict control and monitor of workplace and manufacturing process, we quarantine to achieve the high quality requirement. Dry film photo resist is mainly applied to the industry of printed circuit board, lead-frame, IC packaging, and other precision etching ,panel display, and image transfer industry.