Cold Runner Rubber Injection Molding Machine

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1. Feeding system:
Specially made screw is used to achieve optimal exhaustion for the material. Heating oil is circulated to avoid jamming while increasing the feeding speed and stabilizing the temperature of the fed material.
2. Injection system:
 German made resistance scale, and “cc” is used as the measuring unit. The temperature is controlled by circulating heating oil to achieve accurate injection.
3. Cold runner mechanism:
The sliding plate system is used to separate the injecting and curing function. Cold rubber compound is used for injection, and curing process is on the other plate to achieve almost zero waste material after injecting molding.
4. Monitoring design:
Full-area design to monitor the machine operation, pressure, flow rate, warning sign and warning record.
5. Hydraulic circuit design:
Proportional Pressure and flow ratio system is designed for easily changing the pressure and speed setting.
6. Electrical control system:
6-1. Precise temperature controlled is using PID calculations, temperature can be adjusted by connecting the man-machine interface.
6-2. The module saving function includes temperature, pressure/flow rate, time, injection position, ascending/descending position, and function settings.
6-3. Heating system: using SSR solid relay with fast heat-up without exceeding the limit.
6-4. Mold adjustment: slow mode adjustment function is provided. Simply to press up/down key to complete the mold position setting.

全部(Single Shafts)-單軸, (Single Motive power)-單馬達

TRPE- 100 TON 200TON 300 TON 400 TON
Stroke (mm) 400mm 500mm 600mm 600mm

Working table (mm)

450x450mm 503x508mm 580x600mm 700x700mm
Upper heater Plate  (mm) 450x450mm 503x508mm 580x600mm 700x700mm
Lower heater Plater (mm) 460x460mm 495x508mm 580x600mm 700x700mm
Mold in-out plate (mm) 460x500mm 490x570mm 581x660mm 704x760mm
Piston diameter  (mm) 250mm 350mm 450mm 500mm
Inject Capacity (cc) 1000CC 1500CC 3000CC 4000CC
Electrical heater (KW) 12KW 16KW 18KW 25KW
Motor  (HP) 10HP(7.5) 15HP(11) 20HP(15) 20HP(15)
Total power (KW) 19.5KW 27KW 33KW 40KW
Mold opening Metho  0RT: up/down          3RT: middle mold
1RT: in/out              4RT:Top mold
2RT: front ejector 

1.Contrast of waste materials:
The slide plate is kept at constant temperature range of 60℃~80℃, therefore it can avoid rubber materials being wasted in the mold and injector head.
2.Contrast of Mold:
Only simple modification needed to make on regular injection mold, and make a new plate for pressing to achieve the best result. 
3. Contrast of mold installation:
Regular injection mold can be directly used on Cold Runner Rubber Injection Machine, there’s no need to install extra cooling pipe.
4. Contrast of producing products: 
Every rubber products made by a regular rubber can be produced on cold runner rubber injection machine.
5. Contrast of saving materials: 
The more canal / channels / runners your mold has, the more rubber materials you can save (about saving 30-100cc /sheet).