Computerize Quilting Machine (Chain Stitch)

Classification : Bedding Machine
Country: Taiwan
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This computerized quilting machine ( chain stitch ) is specially designed for quilting the textile with foam sheet or polyester fabric together for bedding industry. It adopts the advanced loop stitching quilting method with computer-controlled system. No need to replace the bobbin shuttle during operation. The finished products can be made evenly and smoothly. With auto needle position control, the needle can stop on top position. Working speed can be adjusted by speed control system. With 200 different kinds of patterns stored in the computer, the end-user may choose any preferred and required patterns among them. The end-user may also modify the patterns, or even design another new patterns in the same disk without necessity to purchase a new disk.


1. Add auto panel cutter

Stitch type Chain Stitch
Size ( Length * Width * Height ) 4800 * 1220 * 2000
Weight of the Whole Machine 3500 kg
X Distance 420 mm
Quilting ( Knitting ) Width 2450 mm
Rotation Speed 750 - 900 rpm
Productivity 65 - 165 m / h
Needle Type 180 / 24
Distance Between Needle Rows (50.8, 76.2, 127) (76.2, 76.2, 152.4)
Distance Between Needle 25.4 mm
Voltage 220V, 380V
Width 3 - 6 mm
Power 3.5 kW
Knitting thickness ≦ 50 mm for foam