BJA3P+S-Double Layer 6-Lane Fully Automatic Servo-Control Sealing & Cutting Machine

Classification : Bottom Sealing Bag
Country: Taiwan
Phone: 886-5-2358505
Fax: 886-5-2359463
Contact Person: Angela Lin
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●  Double layer for 6 lanes in total.
●  Uses servo motor for feeding, with stable sealing abilities, and fast on speed change. Easy to change bag size, and size error is permissible.
●  Machine stops when abnormality is detected.
●  With auto punching unit.
●  Hot pin positions can be moved freely.
●  Able to produce flat bags and T-shirt bags.
●  Air cylinder punching device featuring pressure boost. Enhancing speed and accuracy. Low noise, with no oil leakage.
●  Enclosed with punching position calibrating plate to ensure accurate hole position on T-shirt bag handles.
Max. Cutting Width mm (inch) 228(9")x6 304(12")x6
Max. Cutting Length mm (inch) 330-635 ( 13"- 25" ) 330-635 ( 13"- 25" )
Thickness (micron/sheet) 9-50 9-50
Production Rate (pcs/min) max.140 max.140
Heater Capacity (kW) 5 5.8
Power Required (kW) 14.9 15.7
Main Machine Dimensions (L*W*H cm) 330x145x190 330x165x190
Sub-Machine Dimensions (L*W*H cm) 295x126x170 295x146x170
Main Packing Measurement (L*W*H cm) 230x173x215 230x195x215
Sub Packing Measurement (L*W*H cm) 310x136x200 310x156x200
●  Correct specifications depend on the actual model. All specifications are subject to change without prior notice.