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This auto punching machine is specially designed for punching hole on flexible PU foam, memory foam, latex foam, rubber, PE, EPDM, EVA, plastic sheet … etc. The machine consist of a strong steel frame structure, two conveyors for loading & unloading the punching material which also equipped with two sheets holding conveyor can be metering adjusted height to meet different punching thickness.

The main punching tool can change for different punching hole size from 1 mm dia. ~ 86 mm dia. and different punching shape are also possible, but need to change the different die. The punching tool have 2 working rods for every 1/2” pitch you can set puching tool, so straight or crossing punching is possible. The punching core waste can auto suction into plastic bag by conveyor the waste for filling into the pillow or other use! The punching speed is adjusted by feed conveyor.


1. The working height can be increased to max 8”.
2. Can change the diameter of the punching size from standard dia. 1 mm to 86 mm
3. To change to the different punching shape.
4. Add feeding stand and winding up stand for the long roll foam

Working Height 5”
Working Width 2.1 m
Loading Conveyor Width 2.2 m X length 1.6 m
Unloading Conveyor Width 2.2 m X length 1.6 m
Standard Punching Hole Size Dia. 8 mm with one shape
Power About 15kW
Punching Speed 0 ~ 2 m / min.