3D CAD simulation figure & ABS + CNC proofing

Classification : Rain Boot Mold
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The biggest problem in rain boot mold creation is discussion. In the past, 2D sketches were used to discuss patterns and then reference samples were used to assist imagination between both sides. However, rain boots are composed by the curvature of the curved surface of the high variation. Only by 2D sketches and sample auxiliary may lead to a gap between imagination and practices, resulting in continuous modification. Modifying mold not only wastes time but also affect expectancy and quality of modified mold

But now we can use 3D CAD software to draw 3D rain boots, with wide angles of view making zero error in communication between both sides.

After discussion of 3D CAD, we can use the automatic milling and cut ABS to proof the entity the same with CAD for confirmation. After ABS proofing, will be able to see the actual appearance of the shoes produced without cognitive differences in discussion, saving substantial time and money for our customers.