Rotary Table Injection Molding Machine | TAIWAN KINKI

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Video Description

MACHINERY IN THE VIDEO: Rotary Table Injection Molding Machine with Full Auto System from TAIWAN KINKI (TKC)

Production of vertical plastic injection molding machines.
Design of automatic injection molding machinery.
Turn-key plants for accessories and peripherals for injection machinery.
Injection mold design and manufacturing.
Electrodeposition, powder coating, baking enamel, and leather treatment.
Agency of the vertical injection machine and Zinc alloy coating.

 Especially suitable to manufacture Automobile Parts

TKC had over 40 years of experience in Vertical Injection Molding Machine manufacturing.
The company offers a full series of vertical injection molding machine portfolios including Standard, Slide, and Rotary table models. TKC also offers mold design and a full auto system for customer's products.

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