Quick Mold Change System|Sistema cambio rápido moldes|быстрый mold изменение системы|SANDSUN

Video Description

Learn more about the Quick Mold Change Systems :
Sistema de cambio rápido de moldes, быстрый mold изменение системы, السريع تغيير النظام العفن produced by SANDSUN

Introduction of our Quick Mold Change System : 
It is an era for making high frequency mold changes with multiple patterns and small quantity. In order to save time for the mold change and ensure the safety of the operation, it is just in time to apply Quick Mold Change System.

Sandsun safety function of Quick Mold Change System :
✔️Each hydraulic circuit has the function of checking and avoiding oil leaking.
✔️This system can add pressure automatically when the pressure reduction.
✔️Each hydraulic circuit has the function of inspection pressure and can be interlocked with the machine.
✔️It adopts the intersecting direction to clamp the mold.
✔️There are several functions to avoid operation error.

Explanation of video content :
Mold Change less than 2 minutes on 1300T injection molding machine

0:00 Quick mold change less than 2 minutes on injection machine
0:19 Pre-load the mold on the cart
0:23 Mold move out
0:36 Mold arrive in the position, and the cart start to switch position
0:49 Mold cart arrive in position
0:55 Injection machine adjust the stroke for mold automatically
1:04 Mold move in
1:21 Hook back to original point, door close automatically
1:28 Mold close, clamps lock the mold automatically
1:39 Protection rods rise, cart start to move
1:49 Cart back to mold hanging area, finish mold change