PP Woven Bag Fully Automatic Liner Inserting-Bag Top Hemming Conversion Line | BOTHEVEN


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  1. All in one multi-functional machine - Flexible Usage for various type of PP woven bag Processing on the same machine. Available for PP woven bags:
    ● With liner Inserting-Cutting-Sewing and bag top hemming process
    ● With Cutting-Sewing and Bag Top Hemming Process Only (Without Liner Inserting)
    ● With Liner Inserting-Cutting-Sewing Only (Without Bag Top Hemming process)
  2. Cutting-Sewing Process only (Without Liner Inserting & Without Bag Top Hemming)
  3. Saving Manpower, Space and Saving Cultivated Training for Skilled Manual Operation to the Maximum.
  4. Producing Finished Bags with Conformed & unified quality with stable performance
  5. Experiencing Clean Process of Bag Top Hemming, largely Reducing Hang-Touching on the bag top area.
  6. Highly synchronized machine for Easy Setup and quick bag size changeover.
  7. A Total-Solution Machine for PP woven bags with Final Products Applicable in a Big Variety Market.



Botheven Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd, (Since 1984), has accumulated more than 30 years of technical experience & know-how in the planning design, manufacturing, sales and service of PP/HDPE Woven Bag Making Machines in Taiwan. Our equipment has been sold worldwide with assured quality, stable performance and reliable after-sales services. We can build machinery according to customers' requirement; also provide cost-down solution for customers.