Plastic Blow Molding Process Explained | PRM What to Say EP 13


Video Description

In blow molding, hollow plastic components are formed through a producing process categorized into three main methods: injection, extrusion, and injection stretch blow molding. 

In this episode of PRM What to Say, the plastic blow molding process is explained. Besides, we also mentioned some common benefits of the blow molding production method.

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Since blow molding allows freedom for design and engineering, the range of applications that you can manufacture by blow molding is really wide. The automotive industry, Appliance components, Medical supplies and parts, Children’s toys, Packaging, Sporting Goods, and Industrial bulk containers are where we see blow molded products often.

The blow molding process is very suitable for automation.  Especially using the robot technology for take out units and packaging offers the benefit of faster production. Besides that, you can also reduce labor costs by using automation.