Calcium Carbonate Filler / Masterbatch

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1.U-001  is grayish white masterbatch of good dispersion based on LLDPE , combine with 75% super micron grade CaCO3 extruded by two spindle m/c.
2.U-001 can be used on plastic blow molding,water mark extruding ..etc. Process with various PE series plastic grains , it’s good dispersion also of high compatibility & modified function , ex: it can improve heat resistance,slip resistance , dimensional stability , also to lower burning heat to reduce secondary pollution , also improve printability and quality.
U-001 Material Properties
Property Test method Unit Typical value
Base ------ ------ LLDPE
CaCO3 content ------ %WT 75
CaCO3 particle size ------ u <2
Melt Index (2.16kg/230ºC) ASTM D 1238 g / 10mins 1.7
Specific gravity Density ASTM D 1505 g / cm3 1.8
Moisture Precisa XM60 % <0.06
Shape ------ granule 2.2~3mmψ
Color ------ --------- white 97%±1%
1.For making various PE shopping bag & trash bag
2.For making various PE industrial wrapping , packing material and containers.