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It is an era for making high frequency of die changing with multiple patterns and small quantity. In order to save die changing time and ensure operational safety, it is just in time to apply Quick Die Change System.

  • Press & Hydraulic Press
  • Different Automatic Machine & Clamp System


Capacity of clamp : 1~25(25tons) EMPTY: Standard type
C:Pneumatic cylinder movable type
B:Fixed type
V:Temperature -resisting type

*Please indicate the size of T slot (a,b,c,d) and the thickness (H) of the template for the die when purchasing.

L: Template's length for clamp



Capacity of clamp :1~25(25tons) EMPTY: Standard type
C: Pneumatic cylinder movable type
B: Fixed type
V: Temperature -resisting type


Capacity of clamp:
4.6.10 (tons)
Teminal box
R:right side
L:left side
Die template thinckness
Distance between seat & Slide
Proximity switch voltage
1. AC90~240V(2-Wire)
3: DC10~30V(NPN, 3-Wire)
4: DC10~30(PNP,3-Wire)
Solenoid valve:
0: No solenoid
1: AC110V
2: AC220V
3. DC24V

How to choose Quick Die Change System FAQ

1. Many customers call to ask if they use other brands of Quick Die Change System and would like to replace it with SANDSUN's QDCS. Is it applicable?

Of course, but you must provide more information about the old Quick Die Change System first. SANDSUN has a professional QDCS team that can plan and select appropriate replacements for customers.

2. How to choice the Die Clamp?
①Total clamping force which the machine needs (Σ F)

=Machine capacity (Tons)×15%~20%

②The ratio of total clamping force is as follow:
Upper clamp (Σ F1)=(Σ F)×60%

Lower clamp (Σ F2)=(Σ F)×40%

③Each die clamping force (F):according to the die clamp quantity(n) for each upper and lower die
Upper clamp ( F)=(Σ F1)/ n (tons)

Lower clamp ( F)=(Σ F2)/ n (tons)

For example:How to choice Die Clamp for 200T press machine?

200T×15%=30 (Total clamping force which the machine needs)

②30×60%=18 (total clamping force of upper clamp)

30×40%=12 (total clamping force of lower clamp)

③If there will be used 4 pcs for each platen:
18 / 4=4.5 (Each upper die clamping force have to over than 4.5 tons)

12/ 4=3 (Each lower die clamping force have to over than 3 tons)

Therefore, we will suggest customer use CA/CB-6 for upper die clamp and CA/CB-4 for lower die clamp.

3. What is the difference between CA model clamp and CB model clamp?
CA model clamp is suitable for the template with the U slot.
CB model clamp is suitable for the template without the U slot.

4. How should I choose PB or PC model Hydraulic Pump Unit?
The total quantity of die clamp does not over than 12 PCS, the PB series can be selected. When die clamp used more than 16PCS or over 16 tons, the PC series Hydraulic Pump Unit is recommended. Because the flow rate of the PC pump is larger than PB pump, and hydraulic pressure filling speed is faster as well.

5. How to choose "Die Lifter"?
According to the weight of dies the size of the plate and the operational request. SANDSUN has hydraulic die lifter DL model (Roller type)、DB model (Ball type) or spring model of DL and DLS Die lifter.

6. When the platen with the hole, which model of die lifter should be used?
We have two stepped die liter and removable die lifter can be selected.

7. There are only T-slot on the platen, can the die lifter be shared with T-slot?
Yes。However, it only can be used removable die lifter, and have to pay attention to whether the T-slot’s width (W) is same as the die lifter’s width (W)

8. If the U-slot depth (H) of die lifter is deeper than the standard specifications in the SANDSUN ‘s catalogue, can it be used?
Yes。But cannot be less than standard specified in the catalogue.

9. How to choose "Die Arm"?
According to the size and weight of the die that select the applicable length and maximum capacity of the Die Arm.

10. If use RD model (Hanging type), what should we pay attention for?
The hanging length of RD model should be less than the height between the platen and the ground, otherwise the arm cannot be completely hanging down and closer the machine body.

11. If use RE/RF model (Folding type), what should we pay attention for?
RE/RF can be folding outward or inward for storage. If the RE/RF to be folding inward, the distance for installing the two arms should be more than the distance between the installations.

12. The weight of the die is heavier than 3 tons, is there a suitable die arm for use?
You could choose RS model (Heavy duty). Single RS model die arm can support around 3 tons of the die weight. If you have special requirements, you can provide more information let SANDSUN for evaluation.

Benefits of Quick Mold/Die Change System

Quickly respond to small and diverse production trends
In the recent years, the way of product’s demand has changed from traditional mass production into multiple and small quantity production. Many factory owners have to face the big environmental stress, such as delivery date shortened, production cost reduced, the quality of product improved, and so on. Hence, they try to find ways to solve and adapt the flexible production pattern. In order to greeting the era for making high frequency & mold / die change system with multiple patterns and small quantity, it is just in time to apply the Quick mold change system and Quick die change system with saving time for the mold / die change and ensuring the operation safety.

The best boost mechanism for injection and press machine
Quick mold change system and Quick die change system direct benefit is shorten time of die/ mold change、decrease time of production idle、increase capability of machine、adapt multiple and small quantity production and lower down the percentage of inventory; Also can be die/ mold and operation standardized、automation、achieve prompt production and sales、improve operation safety、company image and environment of factory. Let more young people have invest in this industry.

Therefore, It would be too slow If you haven’t use quick mold / die change system.

Suitable for small machines-DLS Die Lifter- Spring Model

The die lifter usually used with quick die change system on press machine and hydraulic press machine. The design of the die lifter is to use oil pressure to lift the die away from the lower platen, In addition to easy to use, it can also avoid the lower platen and the bottom of the die to worn out during the die sending process. But customer often do not want to use pump or controller due to machine space. If so, should we have other die lifter model to choose? Of course, you can choose to use spring type of die lifter.

If machine’s U-slot and T-slot is smaller, and the die is lighter. Customer can choose DLS spring type die lifter. The length of the die lifter is 200㎜& 300㎜ and the height range of slot is larger. It will be more matched with the size of the machine and U-slot.

In addition to the standard model of DLS die lifter. SANDSUN will according to different needs of customer, such as the depth of the lower plate, the weight of the die and the direction of die change etc…SANDSUN also can help customer customized the die lifter model.

We have a European customer, when their die moved into the machine, because of the structure of the machine, the die need to be moved in the machine after it is moved. Therefore, the customer requires use spring model die lifter with balls, so SANDSUN designed new die lifter-DBS model. For customer, DBS die lifter make it easier and more convenient to move molds in the machine.

SANDSUN has always provided customized products in response to the needs of customers so that they can use products that are more suitable for them. Also thanks customers for affirming SANDSUN’s product quality and services.

The Styrofoam machine also can use the Quick Die Change System

With the progress of the world, more and more products are customized and refined. So that the manufacturer's order gradually changed into a small amount of diversification, the production method has also changed. How to increase the machine utilization、production、safety of mold change and reduce human  negligence?Quick Mold/Die Change System is the first step in improvement.

Quick Mold/Die Change System usually used in press machine, injection machine, die casting machine and blow molding machine. In the end of 2019, because of the GXXXD HX plastics company which they has another company to produce Styrofoam products ,also requires Sunny Friend Machinery to cooperate with SANDSUN. Customer request the vacuum forming machine have to install quick mold change system. This Styrofoam machine is the first time installed by SANDSUN.

Actually, The Styrofoam machine production method is not different of the injection machine. Both require the mold to be locked on the platen then the material is cooled to form. However, the mold is much larger than the general injection machine of the same tonnage, so it takes a longer time to lock the screw. Because the finished product is directly dropped when the mold is opened, the machine is usually erected at a certain height, and the bottom of the platen is suspended. Whenever a person changes the mold, the danger is higher because there is no foothold. The force of the locking screw is different and it is easy to fall down because the mold is not locked properly and the personnel are also prone to fall during the process. Nowadays, there is high frequency mold change with multiple patterns and small quantity. The customer strongly asked the two of us to use it.

Thanks for GXXXD HX company for their trust in SANDSUN products and development and service. Also grateful for the cooperation of Sunny Friend Machinery that completed this case happily and perfectly.

Thanks for GXXXD HX company for their trust in SANDSUN products and development and service. Also grateful for the cooperation of Sunny Friend Machinery that completed this case happily and perfectly. Until now, Customer product usage are very well. Sunny Friend Machinery also said that matching with SANDSUN’s products can be increase the added value of the machine that willing to cooperate with each other. And SANDSUN get this opportunity to expand this market.



【One must have good tools in order to do a good job】-SANDSUN internal training , technical exchange

There's a saying that goes “Sharpening your axe will not delay your job of chopping wood”. It means that more preparation may quicken the speed of work. SANDSUN also basic on this spirit.

As long as the customer has need for installation of quick die change system, the engineers of SANDSUN whether in Taiwan, U.S.A, Thailand, India, Australia, Egypt, etc., we will completed the customer's installation needs. Because of this, when we installation, probably because of the different types of machines, environmental factors or personnel operations, etc., Each engineer encountered different situation, but they have to solved each case. And also increases experiences through different situations.

SANDSUN’s engineers can be gathering together is not easy because they always install quick die change system everywhere. When they got a chance, they will sharing their handing special cases, learning installation engineering, maintenance and product troubleshooting without any hide. The purpose is to meet all the various situations during installation and have a better way to get out of trouble.

A senior engineer even said: "When installing, there are many tools that need to be used, and the function of each tool is also different. In addition to knowing at what stage of installation, what appropriate tools to use and apply in a timely manner to achieve our purpose. "

For installation project, if not pay attention, the devil will be in the details. Therefore, it is more necessary to rely on the accumulation of experience to complete installation projects and carefully. In addition to reached customer expectations. It’s also responsibility of SANDSUN.