Faced with CHINAPLAS, which has been delayed for one year, Taiwan Kinki benefited from the establishment of factories in Dongguan and Ningbo on the mainland in 1991. It not only took over the Chinese market in the third quarter of last year, but also rebounded due to rapid response to the early termination of the supply chain phenomenon. Urgent orders, but also insight into market demand, this year CHINAPLAS exhibited two standard machines, and boldly predicted that the Chinese market will be the first major market to recover after the end of the epidemic!


Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in December 2019, people's livelihood, economy, and all walks of life have been greatly affected around the world. Although CHINAPLAS moved from Shanghai in 2020 to Shenzhen in 2021 and was exhibited smoothly as scheduled, compared with the current epidemic situation in the United States and European countries, China is the fastest to gain a foothold in the new crown epidemic. Although in the early stage of the epidemic, Chinese supplies The chain severance has severely damaged the entire Chinese market and economy. However, with the decisive closure of the city and the iron-fisted border quarantine policy of the Chinese government, coupled with the active investment of all sectors in China to rescue the new crown epidemic, from the current situation, China has quickly and effectively controlled the epidemic, starting the third quarter of last year, and the entire Chinese market ushered in retaliatory Hot and urgent orders!

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For Taiwanese manufacturers who have been cultivating the mainland for many years, organizing exhibitions has obvious advantages. Taiwan Kinki, which has factories in both Dongguan and Ningbo, benefited from this. It not only has sufficient manpower, but also exhibited two standard machines. After the epidemic, the entire market has returned to fundamentals. From daily necessities to electronic products, it is no longer like many complicated materials or manufacturing processes. The C-shaped vertical molding machine and turntable series exhibited by this machine at CHINAPLAS this time are in response to the current market demand. This is a bit of a feeling of returning from gorgeous to ordinary. The original mediocre world was forced to press the pause button by this epidemic, and the demand was re-examined and returned to the basics.

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