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Intensive Mixer
Country: Taiwan
Phone: 886-6-243-8586
Fax: 886-6-243-4205
Contact Person: Jones Wang
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Rotors: Two wings design with good cooling design. Excellent cooling ability. Anti-wearing treatment on the surface. Chamber: Drill hole type jacket. Excellent cooling ability. Material contact surface: Hard chrome plating and fine polish. Discharge door: Excellent sealing. No material leakage. Ram: Drive by air cylinder. Good mixing and dispersion quality.
Model Mixing capa. Main power(HP) Hydraulic power Lubricator Temp. control Dust Collector
KD-IM-50 50 L 150 ~ 200 3 HP 1/2 HP AUTO 1/2 HP
KD-IM-75 75 L 200 ~ 400 5 HP 1/2 HP AUTO 1 HP
KD-IM-100 100 L 300 ~ 500 7.5HP 1/2 HP AUTO 1 HP