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In Mold Labeling Turnkey Solution
Country: Taiwan
Phone: 886-6-5950688
Fax: 886-6-5951120
Contact Person: Ms. Aileen Cheng
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Our In Mold Labeling Turnkey Solution comprises four major elements (injection molding machine, labeling machine, IML mold, and labels), which prevent you from facing difficulties and risks of integrating separate purchased equipment.

●  Features are as follows:Injection Molding Machine: AFAHHTAD series (For specifications of each IMM,  please click the hyperlinks)
●  Multi-function Labeling Machine:Include sub-units such as EOAT, cassette, robot, and stacking units ‧Patented label cassette for steady label-feeding ‧Auto-stacking system for easier packaging ‧3-axis servo robot for fast reaction, precision, and stability.
● Precision Mold:Our hot runner and special cooling channels are suitable for making thin wall products with high injection speed 
● Labels:
- Trial labels can be offered for acceptance test, according to customer request
- Label materials are recyclable
- Labels can be provided according to customers need
- Labels with anti-counterfeiting or various designs are also available