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Complete Production Line For Profile Extrusion
Country: Taiwan
Phone: 886-6-5014056
Fax: 886-6-5013805
Contact Person: Mercedes Su
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Extrusion Tool: Extrusion die is designed segment type by stainless steel alloy and regulated through proper heating zones. Lifetime is long and easy to assemble.
Calibration System:

● Calibration is mounted on a common base plate.

● Sectional calibrating methods with sufficient number of vacuum and cooling water connection. Its easy to assemble and pleasing to the eye.

● Especially for calibrating of extruded hollow profiles and foamed profiles.

● Our highly qualified team of engineers, operators and technician has always been searching for high technology, we can meet customers various requirements.

This kind of equipment can be used to produce for window profile, gutter, shutters, wall panels, decorative profiles etc. One line equipment includes Main Extruder, Extrusion Tool, Calibrating System, Calibrating Table, Profile Caterpillar Haul-off, Saw, stacking unit.

TYPE TW-75 TW-75/DOS TW-90 TW-90/DOS TW-110 TW-110/DOS TW-130 TW-130/DOS
SCREWDIA Ø75mm Ø75mm Ø90mm Ø90mm Ø107mm Ø107mm Ø132mm Ø132mm
L/D 22:1 25:1 22:1 25:1 22:1 25:1 22:1 25:1
DRIVE POWER 30HP 40HP 50HP 60HP 100HP 100HP 125HP 150HP
SCREW RPM 42 42 42 42 38 42 31 35
TOTAL POWER 50KW 64KW 74KW 90KW 127KW 137KW 166KW 205KW
MAX OUTPUT 150~220 kg/hr 200~300 kg/hr 250~400 kg/hr 300~500 kg/hr 450~600 kg/hr 500~700 kg/hr 800~950 kg/hr 950~1200 kg/hr
LxMxH (mm) 3636x1400x2360 3960x1400x2360 4310x1590x2420 4670x1560x2420 4650x1750x2480 5140x1750x2480 5390x1880x2700 6380x2260x2700
WEIGHT (kg) 3200 3600 4000 4400 6200 6700 8200 9600