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Bale Breaker
Country: China
Phone: 86-573-85120186
Fax: 86-57385113959
Contact Person: Alan/Jimmy/Alex
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During feeding process, using mechanical device to break the PET bottle bale is a necessary function for highly automated process. How to make this idea into simple practical process, and maximize reduction of power consumption and wearing of equipment, has always been a problem of this industry. Boretech’s equipment provided with incomparable advantages compared with other large power equipment, solved this problem.
  Horizontal De-Baler WJB-1400
Poder (KW) 22
Capacity (kg/h) 3500
Dimensiones(mm) 1570*1340*1510
Vertical De-Baler JBJ-1300
Poder (KW) 15
Capacity (kg/h) 3000
Dimensiones(mm) 1690*800*4347