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PCB Fine Piercing System
Country: Taiwan
Phone: 886-4-8345196
Fax: 886-4-8345197
E-mail: sales10@forwell.com.tw
Contact Person: James Hsiao
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•       High precision, quality and durability

•       Easy operation and maintenance

•       Suitable for fine piercing of high-density printed circuit boards

•       Decreased die change time

•       Automatic system, reducing labor costs

Press Tonnage Model Stripping Farce Hold-down Farce
60 ~ 80TON FP-2 35.0tf Max. 16.0tf Max.
80 ~ 110TON FP-3 43.0tf Max. 21.0tf Max.
110 ~ 150TON FP-5 45.0tf Max. 24.0tf Max.
150 ~ 200TON FP-7 63.0tf Max. 36.0tf Max.
200 ~ 350TON FP-8 100.0tf Max. 50.0tf Max.