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Mixing Mill/Sheeting Mill
Country: Taiwan
Phone: 886-6-243-8586
Fax: 886-6-243-4205
E-mail: sales@kneader.com.tw
Contact Person: Jones Wang
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This machine is suitable for mixing rubber, synthetic rubber, E.V.A. or PVC and various kind chemical material or sheeting for Extruder, Calender, Hot Press or other processing machinery to make Rubber or Plastic products.

Mold Roll Size Horse Power
KD-MR-8 ψ8” X L18” 7.5 HP
KD-MR-12 ψ12” X L30” 30 HP
KD-MR-14 ψ14” X L36” 40 HP
KD-MR-16 ψ16” X L42” 50 HP
KD-MR-18 ψ18” X L48” 75-100 HP
KD-MR-22 ψ22” X L54” 125-150 HP
KD-MR-24 ψ24” X L66” 175-200 HP