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Primary Packaging–Pharmaceutical - Eye drops - CJU-830 + CJ-500
Country: Taiwan
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The liquid production processors design compliances with cGMP of the liquid product guideline. The processors are applicable for low viscosity and volume below 60mL.

To minimized pneumatic accessories operation to pollute the production environment, inner plug and outer cap placing procedures apply vacuum carry and placing method rather than traditional pneumatic cylinder pressing.

To reduce electric maintenance time, the major parameter – Filling Volume adjustment applies mechanical adjustment to stabilize filling accuracy and machine operation.

Model CJU-830 Automatic Bottle Unscrambler Machine CJ-500 Automatic Filling/plugging/capping Machine
Product Range Bottle Dimensions : 20-50 mm D x 20-70 mm H Filling Volume : 2ml-20ml, 20ml-50ml, 50ml-100ml
Working Capacity 80-100 bottles/min 80-100 bottles/min
Power Consumption 220V Single Phase, 50/60HZ 220V Single Phase, 50/60HZ
Air Consumption 11.8 L/min @6 Bars 220 L/min @6 Bars
Machine Dimensions
1420.2 x 750 x 1571.5 (mm) 2680.9x 1620 x 1738 (mm)
Machine Weight 230 KGS 1100 KGS