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Dedicated in adding creativity in life

Started out as a company for coating and spraying, Chai Bo has been established since 1999. We build great connection with many branded suppliers internationally and are ranked as the first third in the market. After four years of research and development, we have developed “the film for 3D in-mold decoration”.  Factories are set up in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China and we cooperate with the Japanese manufacturers to counter problems we faced, such shortage and incompetency in quantity, specification, speed of production and effect. We thus focus on services like customization, expansion in dimension as well as shortening time of production.

Chai Bo is well-equipped with various equipment for the manufacturing of in-mold decoration and complete production lines to ensure quality of products With continual upgrading in technology and professional management, quality and work efficiency is elevated simultaneously.

 We provide solutions for decorating problems on the surfaces of plastic materials. Solutions or procedures are provided according to different materials, appearance and functions. With our years of experience in the plastics industry, we believe we are able to fulfill all kinds of needs for plastics decoration.

With leading technology for in-mold decoration and dedication in providing excellent products and services, Chai Bo is devoted to be the best brand and being the pride of Taiwan.

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