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No. Item Description and Quantity Remarks
  Twisting section   
1 Twine range (Diameter) 0.5mm~2mm applicable  
2 Driving motor 1 HP with inverter  
3 Loading tank 400mm (W) x 300mm (H)  
4 Working material size 250mm x 250mm (H)  
5 Denier working range 800~2000 25000 denier for 1 ply
6 Number of strandWinding section 12 plies 1 ply can be made upon
special request
7 Winding motor 7.5kg/cm – 4 poles  
8 Tension control Electronic tension control  
9 Twisting design Adjustable  
10 Twisting condition Bobbin less or with bobbin I. D. 35mm ~ 75mm Should advise before order
11 Twisting method Z & S  
12 Wind-up size Maximum ∮200mm x 200mm Other size can be made
upon special request
13 Wind-up type Flat winding type  
14 Machine size 95cm (L) x 75cm (W) x 170cm (H)  
15 Machine weight 450 kg  
16 Production meter Equipped with automatic stop function while setting length reached
17 Production speed 40-120 meter per minute

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