Co-Extrusion Lamination Machine for Food Flexible Package

Classification : High Speed Multi-layer Plastic Co-extrusion Lamination Machines
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●Co-extrusion lamination machine, two layers or three layer, designed at 350 M/min line speed for flexible packaging films application.
●Screw design to work with LDPE, PP, EVA, EAA and acid copolymers at stable and high output rate.
●Feed block and Auto T-die taking from leading brands to ensure best performance with minimum coating thickness.
●AC servo drives used to give accurate and stable line speed as well as tension control.
●Non stop for auto splicing and auto cut function for both unwinder and rewinder to work at same running speed without interruption.
●Rewinder with gap and contact function during the winding and roll change.
●PLC with  HMI for total automation control with remote access through internet for trouble shooting or in house production monitoring.



Substrates for main unwinder

Material size

800mm dia. x 1250mm width and min. 800mm

Substrates for sandwich unwinder 

Material size 800mm dia. x 1200mm width
Metalized PET film 8 - 10 micron
Lamination thickness Coating thickness 9.1 GSM as standard,
Mechanical design speed 350M/min
Unwinder 2 drums turret system with EPC
auto splicing, auto cut, fully automatic control system
Tension range 3 - 30 Kg-f 
Primer coating and dryer unit 
Extruder A 65mm dia. screw, L/D=32:1
Main drive 50HP AC motor with vector inverter control 
Extruder B 90mm dia. screw, L/D=32:1 
Main drive 75HP AC motor with vector inverter control 
Extrusion capacity LDPE : 250 kg/hr
3 layer feedblock Cloeren, USA 
Co-Extrusion T-die Cloeren, USA 
Lamination unit 3 roller type 
Sandwich unwinder 2 drums turret system (Manual tension)
Tension range 3 - 30 Kg-f 
Winder 2 drums turret system with pre-run 
auto splicing, auto cutting system
Tension range 3 - 30 Kg-f 
Electric control panel 

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