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The classic Manual Blown Film Winder is the basic and most economical type. For the use of manual type, it is more suitable for film width which is not that wide since it needs to use manual operation. Also, it is divided to Single and Double Manual Blown Film Winder for different requirements.
After the processing of Take-Up Unit, the film becomes extremely flat and reaches the first step of Extrusion Blown Film Winder. The main function is to collect the film perfectly without uneven edges on the collecting roll. A high precision Blown Film Winder is to maintain the average air content value between each layer of film to avoid uneven and unregularly positions. On the process of Blown Film Winder, the film first passes Surface Winding which made of rubber and steel bars. By the interaction of these two bars, it stretches the film to maintain its tension. Next, the film sticks on the rotating roll which called on-line Roller to collect it. Leading the plastic film to follow its direction in order to winding it. Then, when the on-line roller reaching the required meters or wound-up diameters, the Shifting Forks replace the position of Standby Roller for the next winding. At this time, we usually use Knifes to cut the well-wrapped roll down. Besides, for the different use of film, Extrusion Film Winder will equip with Slitting Knife and Side Open Knife to cut. Side Open Knife splits the film into two parts for the products such as cling wrap, shrink film, etc. And Slitting Knife cuts the film into strips for the different demand of size. Further, with the option of automatic system, it increases the higher efficacy for Winding Unit.
  • Apply for various kinds of roll materials
  • Install inverter to control tension of film
  • Simple appearance and invisible circuit
  • Apply for various materials
  • Auto roll alternation /Auto roll rewinding