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Four shaft gear couplings driven four roll inverted L Type Calender. The main use of Calender is to press the mixed and refinded rubber mixture or many kinds of plastic mixture into uniform-thickness of films, sheets, and plates. Also, it can be applied to rubber or plastic sheets in single or double sticking or topping operation with textile fabricas. Besides, in the procession of sheeting, the machine can also press out the air in the material for producing the products without air bubble after cure. The more quantity of rolls the calendar has, the more times of the sheets are pressed and the calendar can make high quality and even thickness of sheets. 

This is an four shaft gear coupling driven four roll inverted L type calendar. It applies to tire topping or friction and the manufacture of ball tubes and shoes. The operation of such durable and exquisite calendar equipment is very simple and can get high effects.

Item Roll Size Width of Products (mm) Main Power Requirement
Outline Dimension
(for reference)(mm)
1 12"Øx36"L 614~762 40 4920 1840 2110
2 14"Øx42"L 767~914 75 5160 2000 2320
3 16"Øx48"L 919~1067 100 6174 2200 2974
4 18"Øx54"L 1072~1219 125 6722 3400 3235
5 20"Øx60"L 1224~1372 150 7000 4200 3440
6 22"Øx66"L 1376~1524 175~200 7820 4265 3605
7 24"Øx72"L 1529~1676 200~250 9075 4460 4375

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