Filament Grade PET Bottle Washing Line

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In this era that tremendous development of polyester staple fiber(PSF) technology, recycled PSF production technology has gradually become a general technology.Industry competition became the competition of factory management, sales, and especially raw material purchase; using high quality recycled material to reduce production loss, improve product quality, produce virgin-simulated PSFfor increasing added value were key points to be in the lead. Boretech’s PET bottle washing process resolved those problems for hundreds of PSF manufacturersdomestically and abroad by extending the service life of filters and components. Boretech plays an important role for loss reduction and high quality PSF production.

PET flakes produced by filament grade PET bottle washing line are mainly used for producing 2-D or 3-DPSF, polyester filament yarn, straps, sheet, and film, etc. Our company has developed dozens of configurations of PET washing line; and the major series including TL-serie, T-serie. Every functional section of the line can be optimized according to the requirements including users’ material status, production facilities, product quality, and investment budget, etc. At the same time, you can also use automatic control system including process monitor, HMI and data analysis to ensure the produced PET flakes to meet the requirement of downstream products and market as well. Two types-1500kgs/hr and 3000kgs/hr of TL-serie are leading products at present. Nowadays, our products have been exported to many countries and regions including the United States, Mexico, Canada, Ukraine, Japan, Chile, Paraguay, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, India, the United Arab Emirates, Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Tanzania, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Taiwan,etc.
PET Flakes Quality Reference Table
Item PP/PE/Metal/Color Flakes PVC Total Impurity
AA ≤70 ppm ≤30 ppm
≤100 ppm
A ≤100 ppm ≤100 ppm ≤200 ppm

Estimated Plant Parameters

Capacity (kg/h) Installation Power 
Required Area
Manpower Steam Consumption
Air Water Consumption
500 220 600 8 280 0.5 0.75
1500 430 800 12 700 0.5 2.25
3000 650 1000 18 1300 0.7 4.5
6000 1000 1400 30 2300 1 9

Production Consumption

Item Electricity(KWH) Amount of steam(kg) Dosage(kg) Water(T)
Average Consumption Per Ton Flakes T-500 170 600 12 1.5 
TL-1500 140 550 10  1.5 
TL-3000 130 500 10  1.5 
 TL-6000  120 450 10 1.5