High Speed Co-extrusion Coating & Laminating Machine (WCL-H Series)

Classification : Extrusion Coating Laminating Machine
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In this fast changing packaging market the multi-layer laminates demand has increased. The Co-extrusion machine allows to use two kinds resin or more by two or more extrusion units to create multi-function extrusion layers.

The variety of resin after melted and go through the feed block then join into the T-die. The side screw has corrosion resistance treatment. It’s fine to work with acid copolymer resin, such as EVA, EAA, EMAA and Surlyn etc. The barrel heated by ceramic heater to ensure more energy saving and short start up time.

Worldly also developed the exclusive extrusion output control system with Germany leading dosing system company. So it provides very accuracy and stable output and coating gauge control during the production. It can save more material especially for long run job.

The high speed H series version of the rewinding splicer adopted with tracking roller device. It provides two kinds gap & contact winding mode and gives uniform and perfectly straight finished winding during high speed running. Also the taper tension can proper control the winding from the beginning roll. So it can reduce the wastage and avoid the wrinkle generate at the inner roll.

  • Worldly utilizes only high quality imported T-dies and maintains a ±3% thickness variation.
  • The inner deckle system is customized in-house to reduce trim and provides uniform high speed production.

  • Worldly’s proprietary in-line output control system
  • The batch blender works with various resins, such as LDPE, EAA , Masterbatch, PP and Metallocene. It delivers precise dosing & mixing for the co-extrusion process. Worldly’s proprietary in-line output control system can maintain a precise thickness and reduce waste.

  • Anchor coating unit with Worldly proprietary heater recycling design
  • Provides high efficiency and is energy saving.

  • The lamination unit has a specially designed automatic air gap adjustment mechanism
  • The air gap height can be automatically or manually adjusted according to different production speed and materials

  • Advanced cooling drum auto temperature control device
  • The temperature can be controlled according to different production speed.



Maximum Machine Speed

350 m/min

Laminating Speed

330 m/min

Web Width

1000 mm / 1300 mm

Material Diameter

Ø800 mm / Ø1000 mm

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