ARV Phase Controller Solid State Relay

Classification : Solid State Relay


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  • All solid state
  • Load current of 10 ~ 40 A
  • Output provides excellent linearity
  • Internally mounted snubber circuit protection for huge current application
  • A LED can indicate the operation of devices
  • Long services life and high reliability

ARICO - The Best Solution Of Solid State Relay
ARICO Technology and worldwide's rubber and plastic injection industry manufacturers have cultivated a long and stable co-operation relationship between us for many years. We was founded in 1987, base on sophisticated manufacturing technology, and focus on the research and development and innovation of industrial control instrument technology. We are not only good at producing customized precision Solid State Relay and related application equipment, but also provides high-quality Solid State Relay with the most convenient setting mechanism, stable quality, at a reasonable price to manufacturers in Taiwan, China, the United States, India, Argentina, Israel, Mexico, Thailand, Malaysia, Southeast Asia and other countries. In addition to accumulating and stabilizing partners for related instruments with Solid State Relay, ARICO continues to conduct research and development in order to provide more stable and efficient machine stability, just for achieving a higher efficiency and stable instrument technology level on temperature control, displacement sensing, pressure sensing, injection molding machine IoT on rubber and plastic industry.

Model ARV 2410Z ARV 2425Z ARV 2440Z
Unit: mm 59.8 × 45 × 30 / 110g
Dimension/Weight (approx.)
L × W × H
Response time 2 / 3cycle + 1m Sec
IN to OUT dielectric strength > 100M Ω
IN to OUT isolation voltage 4000Vrms
Input/output to base plate isolation voltage 2500Vrms
Operating temperature -20 ~ 80°C
Storage temperature -40 ~ 100°C
Input Specification
Input resistor 110V → 250MΩ / 220V → 500KΩ
Output Specification
Control power range 7 % ~ 95 %
Voltage range 80 ~ 280VAC
Peak voltage (t=1min) 600VAC
Maximum current 10A 25A 40A
Maximum 1 - cycle surge (50Hz) 100A 210A 250A
Maximum off-state leakage 8mA rms
Maximum on-state voltage drop 1.6VAC
Thermal resistance 3.1 1.5 1.3