4-axis single screw extruder gear box vertical

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1. The output Shaft and input Bore are made from the hardened Chromium for improved processing.
2. Disposition lubrication and filter system.
3. Gear material use SNCM21 to process.
4. Depend on the customer demand to match FAG bearing.
5. Box body use the modular cast iron to eliminate the stress.
The gearbox is a speed reducer used for speed change or the gearbox is mostly changed through the gearbox.
The purpose of the gear box as following :

1. Acceleration and deceleration.

2. Change the direction of rotation:
Two sector gears can transmit the force vertically to the other axis of rotation.

3. Change the turning force:
Under the condition of the same power, the faster the speed of the gear shaft is, the smaller the force distance is, and vice versa.

4. Clutch function:
The purpose of separating the engine from the load is achieved by separating the two gears that were originally  fit together.

5. Distribute power:
It is possible to use one engine to pass multiple tracking shafts through the gearbox main shaft, and then realize the function of driving multiple loads with one engine.

All products have a machining accuracy of DIN4 and JISO standards. In addition to standard AGMA designs, computer software is also used to analyze and simulate the gear’s stress distribution to optimize our products.