CHINAPLAS Media Day. Interview with Eurozone Manufactures

Issue 156   2019-08-15

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KRAUS MAFFEI GROUP:Matt Sierverding/ President Extrusion Technology
ARBURG:Gerhard Böhm/ Managing Director Sales, Service
ENGEL:Gero Willmeroth/ President East Asia and Oceania
WINTEC:Michael Feltes/ President Sales and Service

PRM-TAIWAN has been a privileged guest of the CHINAPLAS 2019 and also attended to the Media’s Day. Some of the most famous Austrian and German companies participated to CHINAPLAS 2019; such as Krauss Maffei, ENGEL, WINTEC and ARBURG. All of these companies are thriving for innovation and environmental responsibilities. PRM-TAIWAN had the opportunity to interview them. Here, in exclusivity, PRM-TAIWAN has the honor to introduce you our first medley interviews, with great insight about the Chinese market from these leader companies’ point of views.


KRAUS MAFFEI is one the oldest machinery company (founded in 1838). Despite its age, the company is constantly innovating through building machinery not only for regular factories, but also for smart factories. KRAUS MAFFEI ‘s software (APC and APC plus) controls the setting of the injection molding machines to adjust material usage and to reduce the waste production. Beside these innovative movements, the company is also developing a new business model, as well as planning to open an online shop in China. Moreover, KRAUS MAFFEI is the first German company in the Chinese stock market, as they have successfully been listed in Shanghai stock market last year. You could learn more from our interview of Krauss Maffei.

ENGEL is also practicing ecological implementations by using digital and 4.0 Technologies. The company emphasizes on the circular economy. For the company, the key of the success is reducing the wastes even before manufacturing the product. It should be taken in account during the design and product development process. This production steps are mostly about how to have the best quality with lower waste creation. On our interview, ENGEL explains the new smart technologies that help factories for better integration with circular economy during the whole production process. 

ENGEL group has a motto: Different industries need different solutions. ENGEL offers high-tech machinery for advanced products. And WINTEC, from the same group, provides simpler and lower cost machinery. WINTEC has an original approach to segment the markets such as Asian Market, American market and METAA. METAA includes Russian-speaking market, Sub-continent Indian, Middle Eastern and African markets. Come to check out our interview to have more explanation of these markets.


ARBURG is taking the same way, looking for a better digital integration in its machinery. The digitalization is not only based on the company’s machinery, but also the services. Those services include, for example, a portal to provide different solutions through a cloud-based solution and augmented reality (such as Pokémon Go for machine industry) to assist the maintenance of the machinery.