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Issue149   2019-02-27

About Ever Polymer

With “EVERLON” as our main brand, we specialize in the development and applications of TPE.  Four major application series — EVERMedi, EVERSeal, EVERPeel and EVERAuto — have been further created according to different professional fields, with the aim to satisfy the demands for global TPE markets in terms of the top four high-end application areas, namely medical devices, food packaging, commodity sector, and automobile parts. 

Through astute market insights, Ever Polymer is brave to unfold its business layout. Our top three business locations are situated at Taiwan headquarters, Huanan region in China, and Malaysia, while we are able to create our own supply chains together with upstream and downstream vendors. We endeavor to provide specific raw materials for the benefit of mass production capacity, by researching and figuring out brand-new formulas most applicable to application trends. Intending to reverse the industry model of raw material localization, Ever Polymer expects itself to become an increasingly-growing partner for every client. Our company is a leading manufacturer in creating many more possibilities for TPE applications around the world.

Since its establishment, Ever Polymer has tried its best to develop all kinds of possible TPE applications. We provide our clients and upstream/downstream suppliers with the most competitive manufacturing solutions, so as to fully integrate TPE supply chains. Let’s work together to contribute to a brilliant life with promising future by creating shared values for all of us!

Always a step ahead

Striving for innovation and change, we provide our clients with the raw materials of best quality, thanks to the establishment of a class 100,000 clean room as well as our continuous efforts to optimize production processes and services. To improve our TPE formula technologies, we took the lead in the industry by introducing plastics-precision multilayer film blowing machines and various kinds of professional precision apparatus, for the purpose of providing clients with the most competitive and cutting-edge raw materials. By getting rid of traditions and through supply chain integration, we aim to break the industry model of raw material localization, hoping to envisage international markets together with you.

Lead the future together with us!

- Pure Quality
Ever Polymer performs a strictly-enacted quality management system. With the “authentic and pure” raw materials from us, our clients are guaranteed of goodwill and user’s safety. Ever Polymer profoundly embraces the belief that raw materials are the basis of everything. Only by insistence can we build trust through materials of superior quality, for the sake of forming ever-lasting partnerships with our clients.

- Innovative R&D
We never abandon our initial belief. Embracing the vision of “creating all the possible TPE applications non-stop”, we listen to client s’ voices, grasp market trends, and work with our supply chain partners. By thinking out of the box, we research and develop new formulas to win market opportunities for our clients and shape the future for everyone.

- Sustainable Developments
Ever Polymer focuses on corporate sustainability and brand development. We chose to establish our roots in Taiwan with an eye on the world. Having the responsibility to build our company as a “steadily growing” business entity, we intend to let clients feel reassured from our long term partnerships. In addition, we offer the best work conditions and environments for our employees.

Spirit of Ever Polymer─ Striving for innovation and change

In 1998, Ever Polymer took the lead to introduce thermal plastic elastomers (TPE, TPR), opening the door for Taiwan to step in the R&D, production, and applications of environmentally-friendly materials. We successfully secured a place for Taiwan in the global market of TPE applications. A decade later in the year of 2007, Ever Polymer transformed itself again, by launching its series of private  brands including  “EVERLON” that meet the trends in markets such as  automobiles, commodity sector, medical treatment, and food packaging. In 2018, Ever Polymer focused on reversing traditions. With “innovation” as our core principle, we will continue to uncover the limitless potential of TPE.

Ever Polymer in PRM-Taiwan: 

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