Turkey - A Comprehensive Overview Of The Plastics Market 2017

Issue 129   2018-01-18

【The Turkish market in recent years】
Most respondents believe that Turkey is growing faster than Europe's steady growth, attracting more and more peripheral buyers from the developing countries, and the room for growth is beyond imagination. This marketplace, however, attracts manufacturers from all over the world competing with each other. The value and orientation of machinery vary from one to another. If you do not know your own value, it is easy to be preempted by other manufacturers. The increase of Chinese manufacturers and the rise of local traders in Turkey, Most of these new entrants are targeting the middle market. What is worrisome for Taiwanese manufacturers is that there are often interviews with these words: “We have high-quality technology and machinery but the price is relatively low. This is our advantage.” But when everyone from all over the world states this, is it still an advantage?

【Opinions on Plast Eurasia 2017】
Although Turkey had many issues last year and bombings occurred in the vicinity of the exhibition, (not at the time of the exhibition) we received unanimous feedback that this year's event was one of the best for the quality of buyer and for number of visitors. Among them, Taiwanese manufacturers Kung Hsing and Fong Kee had buyers that bought the machines that they had on display! This year there was no K-Show, which provided an influx of buyers from surrounding countries. Plast Eurasia is a force to be reckoned with, within the plastics and rubber machinery market and hopes to compete with even the K-Show in the future. With the showing this year, it might just do that!

In addition to interviewing Taiwanese agents, we invited local manufacturers to share their position with us in the Turkish market.

【Wetec Europe】

Company name:Wetec Europe
Interviewee:Burak Boray / General Manager
Company Type:Agent

Wetec Europe is a subsidiary of Taiwanese manufacturer Wetec in Europe. Wetec has not positioned themselves at the top end of the market. But by not being the most expensive, while providing good enough quality to meet the needs of the consumer. Wetec are in a strong position to take on the Turkish market. In recent years, Wetec's experience in the automotive industry has helped them to increase market share in the automation of peripheral equipment. Mechanical arms were previously considered a luxury, but now with manufacturers paying more attention to efficiency and productivity, mechanical arms have been increasing in popularity. 


Company name:ANKA TEKNIK
Interviewee:Fatih Sigali / General Manager
Company Type:Agent

ANKA is a brand new fromHASTEK. Its main product range include blown film and bag making machines. They also represent Taiwanese manufacturers in Turkey, being the agent for KUNG HSING, COSMO and MING JI LEE. Mr. Sertunç said that Turkey is like a bridge between Central Asia and Eastern Europe vibrant and competitive environment to the local marketplace. 


Interviewee:Murat TINAR / Sales Manager 
Company Type:Agent 

SPS is committed to injection molding machines, related peripherals and services. JON WAI has now been working with SPS for over 20 years. SENUR said that Turkey has made remarkable growth every year and is now the second largest producer of plastic in Europe. It is believed that in the near future Turkey will surpass the other countries in Europe and take first place for plastic production. Plast Eurasia, which has been in existence for many years, is year on year, becoming a more and more important fixture on the calendar for all machine manufacturers


Company name:Eksim
Interviewee:Mehmet / President
Company Type:Agent

From 1997, extrusion companies from all over the world have been using Eksim as their agent. Their range from Taiwan includes: Fong Kee, CCM and CLF. Eksims advantages lie in the selection of high-quality equipment for the Turkish market. Eksim has been with Plast Eurasia for more than 20 years now and is seeing its scale grow every year. Mehmet sees Plast Eurasia as a premier event, after only the K-Show, NPE and Chinaplas.


Company name:tsp
Interviewee:Yeliz Karaarslan / Finance Manager
Company Type:Agent

TSP was established in 2006, representing companies from Japan, Taiwan and China, as well as being the exclusive agent for JSW. Ms. Yeliz thinks the trade volume can reach is higher than that of the European fairs. as most of the visitors to European fairs just go to wait and see but not actually buy. Tsp also predicts that the future will move toward more advanced technology and will focus on all-electric machinery.


Company name:Contec
Interviewee:Dpl. Lng. M. Aydin ÖZEN / Manufacturer   
Company Type:Manufacturer     

Contec, a six-year-old bagging making company, has partnered with GÜnter in Germany to pursue efficient, high-quality machines that are expected to meet consumers at reasonable prices while also focusing on global after-sales services and Industry 4.0. Mr ÖZEN added: Germany currently accounts for most of their exports, while local Turkish machines account for about 35-40% of the total machines purchased.


Company name:Inpak
Interviewee:Sertunç GÜNAY / Sales & Marketing Manager
Company Type:Manufacturer 

Inpak is a Turkish manufacturer specializing in the thermoforming machinery for the packaging industry, with the goal of placing it in global markets and now selling as far as Southeast Asian countries. Mr. Sertunç believes that Inpak's strength lies in its manufacturing in Turkey The price is lower than in Europe, but the quality and speed can make consumers trust in their products.

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