Chao Wei - Multi-function Side Sealing Machine: CW-PFM-SV

Issue 207 2021-11-25 Author: CHAO WEI PLASTIC MACHINERY CO., LTD.

Model: CW-800PFM-SV / CW-1000PFM-SV
Fully Automatic Side Sealing Soft Loop Handle, Draw Tape, Die Cut & Patch Handle Bag Making Machine

CW-PFM-SV series are special designed versatile machines which can produce several types of bags, Soft Loop Handle Bag, Draw Tape Bag, Die Cut Bag & Patch Handle Bag. They are very beneficial for the customers as they will help to save on investing different machines for these different types of bags. Furthermore, they can also produce bags with permanent glue flap for E-commerce and Express Courier bags as well as normal side sealed bags.
It is equipped with German photocell for bags with printing, an E.P.C guiding system and Web Auto Tension Control, for a very smooth production.

More features of the machines are listed below:
  • Japan made servo motor & servo driver control bag length precisely and stable speed, reducing electric consumption.
  • Bag length and speed can be changed easily from touch screen.
  • German made photocell-SICK for accurate printing mark position.
  • Machine body is made of thick steel frame for stability at high-speed operation.
  • Automatic lift up reel unwinder with air shaft, reducing the number of employees to mount plastic film roll on machine.
  • E.P.C. (Edge Position Control) guiding device and web automatic tension control system.
  • Pre-sealing device for reinforcement of the area of top folds & bottom gussets.
  • Out-feeding by up & down air blowing.
  • Automatic stacker with conveyor device for finished products.
  • In-line triangle folding device as option.

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