Jandi's at the Vanguard in the Industry of ECO-Friendly Machines

Issue 206 2021-11-10 Author: JANDI'S INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD.

JANDI’S Industrial has worked in the Plastic machinery market for 30+ years, and has 10+ year experience in the subject of bio-degradable film. Also, we are cooperating with many different bio material suppliers in Taiwan and from abroad. We believe that we can offer you more suitable machines and better service. If you want to inquiry for Equipment for Bio Bags with JANDI’S, please kindly check the followings for your reference.

We have 2 different series machine for two different bio-degradable material, PLA/PBAT base & PVA base:

1) PLA/PBAT base, this kind of material composts in industrial condition based on the OK compost standard, EN 13432 requires the compostable plastics to disintegrate after 12 weeks and completely biodegrade after six months. That means that 90 percent or more of the plastic material will have been converted to CO2.

According to the supplier, the bio-resin could not be recycled. However according to our experience, it is possible to be reused/recycled on line during the production.

By JIT machine, from Blown film - Printing - Bag making - Die cut recycling & now also packing, all-in-1 process. 

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2) PVA water soluble films dissolve completely upon contact with water and are biodegradable. They do not persist in the environment, contaminate the recycling stream or contribute to micro-plastic pollution.

We will support you the whole package including the material supply, equipment and operation know-how. 

Please refer to our video: 

If you are interesting in the production of any kind of ECO-friendly bags, please kindly specify which type of material you are planning to use, or you may send us the information/data sheet of the material, so we can study from our side.

Also, please advise us types (bottom-sealed bags or T-shirt bags or bag-on-roll) sizes ranges (length x Width x thickness) of bags to be produced, so we can prepare the offer for your reference.

We are looking forward to our cooperation in the nearly future.


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Contribution to Circular Economy & ESG Implementation | GEORDING

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